Kaizen is a word with Japanese routes. “Kai” means change, while “Zen” means “for the better”, in other words, change for the better. This meaning implies continuous evolution, curiosity, and a forward push towards self-improvement. This quality management philosophy seeks excellence through the complete involvement of all members of the business.

KAIZEN HOTELS looks for innovation in its business model, studying the trends of the sector and adapting them to less frequent destinations. This allows them to create a high quality, unique experience in the local market.

Its first two projects are located in two remarkable Andalusian towns: La Malvasía, in El Rocío (Huelva) and Casa Palacio María Luisa, in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), both to which KAIZEN HOTELS is committed and supports. Both projects emphasize the importance given to Andalusian homes, as a space to experience all that the city offers, its identity, essence, and diversity. The discovery, functionality, and reuse of these homes comes from the research and commitment of the brand to encourage the values of the region and its buildings.

María Luisa C. De Azcárate


Economist, MBA & PADE (Senior Management Business Program). Marketing and International Finance. Currently pursuing a Master´s in Hotel Direction and Management, at CESAE (University of Nebrija).

For more than 30 years as an entrepreneur, she created and instituted both national and international companies. Exponential growth and success has been a common denominator in each one.

Her innate managerial and operational nature work in conjunction making her a renowned host, where attention, excellence, differentiation and detail are all highly prioritized. Her dedication to the hotel industry forms part of her acquired knowledge applied professionally as well as her current studies and personal experiences as a client. In creating a managerial team for KAIZEN HOTELS, María Luisa C. de Azcárate personally chose specialized staff, with training and experience in the hotel industry.

Marta Pérez de Seoane

Office communication

She has vast experience both in multinational corporations (BMW, Green Giant) as well as in public companies (I.N.I., E.N. Santa Bárbara, Explosivos Río Tinto), reaching the highest points of recognition while holding positions of tremendous responsibility and reliance, as Executive Secretary of Management and of the President.

Similarly, she has extensive experience in coordinating groups, budget control, event planning (product presentation to the press and VIP clients, annual conventions, and initiatives for small-to-medium sized businesses, etc…), among other implementation and productive skills.

Her focus on the hotel industry comes from her family, seeing as her father held executive positions within the field in highly renowned firms.

Enrique Tiscar Barjacoba

Managing Director

Master´s Degree in Tourism and Tourist Business Management, INFAC BRUSSELS.

Since 1990 he has been involved in the sales, positioning, and development of national and international hotels of great importance, always in the 5-Star Luxury hotel sector.

His skills in leadership, communication, strategic business vision, critical thinking, reflection and conflict resolution, negotiation, and vast experience in team management must be noted when describing his abilities. He has overseen 5-Star hotel launches as well as the reconceptualization and repositioning of hotels, always achieving superb results.

Enrique Tiscar Barjacoba holds a deep vocation for customer service and the recognition of customer needs, always paying attention to details in order to improve the level of quality and service excellence in all projects he heads.